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Вторник, 22 Сен 2020

О компании

Company Profile

Slava Executive Search & Selection, hereinafter Slava was established in 1991 and deals with Executive Search for international companies and joint ventures.

Slava assists its Clients in the crucially important task of identification, evaluation and selection of management personnel. We provide expert advice on organizational issues, assist in drafting profiles for both the position and the candidate, and undertake to identify and attract highly qualified and skilled specialists.

Possessing the strength of inside knowledge of the Russian market as a local company, we are also proud to be the Moscow partner office of J. Friisberg & Partners (Switzerland), as well as a member of IIC Partners, one of the leading world-wide executive search networks with offices in over 25 countries and nearly 100 consultants.

Search Philosophy

Our search process is highly professional and precisely targeted. Our efforts are not directed towards the people who may apply to us in search of placement. We investigate the labour market and identify successful individuals who meet the position specifications and who, as a rule, are not looking for a job.

Our consultants facilitate in making a selection by arranging interviews, tests, references, and by acting as the intermediary in negotiation. We provide thorough follow-up on all placements and maintain regular contacts with both the Client and the newly placed manager, remaining at their disposal to help in solving problems which may emerge during the first six months after the new manager is hired.

Members of our Firm strictly follow the code of professional ethics. We keep all information, pertaining our Clients and Candidates in strict confidence. We never work with companies who are direct competitors. We continue working on the Assignment until a satisfactory solution to the problem has been found. We will not approach any member of a Client company on behalf of another Client for a period of not less than two years after completion of the latest assignment.

While fulfilling an Assignment we work only on an exclusive basis. We put every effort towards building a stable long-term relationship with our Clients with nearly 80% of our assignments coming from these clients.


Our professional fees for Executive Search assignments are defined in writing and accepted by clients before the work on the assignment starts. Our fees are determined by such factors as the level of the position to be filled, the anticipated difficulties in finding and attracting the right candidate, the time required to bring about the solution and geographical area to be investigated. (Expenses in connection with the assignment are also charged, and these usually run between 5% to .20% of our fees). We do not accept assignments on a contingency basis.

Should the employment contract with a new employee be terminated within the first six months upon starting, Slava will repeat the entire Search and Selection process without additional fees.

Success Story

Since 1991 we have been working with multinational companies in a wide range of industries, from Digital Equipment and Scania to Pepsi-Cola.and Unilever. We successfully filled positions in General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Accounting functions. We also have solid experience in Human Resources, Administrative, Manufacturing and several other areas.

Our work covers Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and in the south regions of Russia and the Ukraine.

Our success is ensured by the fact that we are experts in all important aspects of life and realities of Russia, both past and present, such as management and legal systems, culture, etc. Taking advantage of this knowledge and being familiar with Western business practices and the “ideal” Manager, we are able to find excellent candidates with high potential for Western operating across CIS countries.

On any assignment we undertake we guarantee you that you will be dealing with one dedicated senior consultant throughout the whole process of the search.


Head of Moscow Representative Office of a leading international computer distribution company.
Head of Moscow Representative Office of an international metal-production company.
General Sales Manager for a major multinational FMCG company.
Financial Controller for a leading international packaging company .
Quality Assurance Manager for a multinational soft drinks company.
Treasury Manger for a major multinational FMCG company.
Vice President, HR for major brewing company.
General Manager, Russia for international pharmaceutical (OTC products) company.
Sales Director, Buses for international automobile company.

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